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The Quacken Postcard 4x6 White
The Quacken Postcard 4x6 White
The Quacken Postcard Featured

#128: The Quacken Postcard White 4x6



Postcards are the perfect way to send friends and family a note to let them know that you're thinkin' about them!

  • Printed on high-quality matte white card stock 📜
  • Approximately 4" by 6" 📏
  • Perfect to put a smile on someone's face 😁
  • More personal than email 📧
  • Way cheaper than flying 🛫
A person standing on a large cliff summons The Quacken, a large, monstrous, duck-headed octopus.

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The Story Behind #128: The Quacken

Illustrated by EEK.

I really enjoy stories about the Kraken. While there is no evidence that such a creature really exists, the fact that it has been written and spoken of for hundreds of years makes you think. Is it possible that something like a Kraken exists somewhere off the coasts of Greenland or Norway? Could scientists and society have really missed a 50-foot beast with multiple tentacles and an unquenchable thirst for blood? Have the seas hidden this monster for ages?

Descriptions of the Kraken are just terrifying: large, soulless eyes with sharp teeth and vicious spikes on its suckers. Equaling the size of a giant squid or a large whale, the Kraken has been rumored to take down large vessels and the poor, helpless sailors upon them. Nothing can stop a hungry Kraken and anyone who tries is quickly swallowed up in a single gulp.

Let’s hope the Kraken isn’t real because if it is, I don’t think I’ll ever swim in the ocean again.

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