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Big Race Newsprint Regular Newsprint
Big Race Newsprint Regular Newsprint

#16: Big Race Newsprint Newsprint Regular


  • Printed on real newsprint 📰
  • Approximately 4" by 3" 📏
  • Perfect to stick on the fridge
How I was born before my brother: two sperm are chatting with one telling the other that they're going to race to the egg and back and the first one back wins.

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The Story Behind #16: Big Race

Do you ever think about the wild, random lottery you won to be born? Your entire existence all started with a couple of tiny little cells. Well, really it all started with two people deciding they wanted to spend the night together thanks to love, lust,too much alcohol, or a really awkward dare. But then your conception became a big game of chance. From millions and millions of eager sperm came just the right match. Then, once sperm and egg met, a nine-month journey began where literally anything could go wrong. But it all worked out, the dominoes fell in the right way and — boom — you arrived, a screaming bundle of joy.

Although procreation is a natural process that has happened for eons, it’s still crazy to think that everything lined up the right way to create...you. A seemingly endless list of boxes to check off, one after another, all so you could arrive healthy and fully-formed and able to read this cute little comic telling you how lucky you are.

A big part of taleas’ merch is hand made, hand printed, hand stitched, hand sewn, hand glued or some combination of the above in Austin, Texas. I have a strong passion for solid business ethics, scalability, sustainability, and repeatability, and all of these drive the quality of products that I offer.

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