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Koalafications Newsprint Regular Newsprint
Koalafications Newsprint Regular Newsprint

#113: Koalafications Newsprint Newsprint Regular


  • Printed on real newsprint 📰
  • Approximately 4" by 3" 📏
  • Perfect to stick on the fridge
Based on Comic #113: Koalafications.
The robot supervisor is interviewing a koala. The koala has climbed the back of the interviewing chair. Robot supervisor says, "We need a candidate with better koalafications."

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The Story Behind #113: Koalafications

While drawing this comic I decided to do a little research into how many rounds of interviews I've been through in my career. Unfortunately, my email only goes back to 2007; so I can't quantify anything before that. However, from 2007 to 2019 I have been through 38 sets of technical interviews across just as many companies. Almost every interview set consists of an initial phone screen, varying degrees of technical discussions (or hazings) and a chat with management for personality or culture fit and finally, hopefully, a yes or no answer; although I have noticed a trend in the past few years of companies just ghosting their candidates.

The most important thing I've learned after all of these interviews is that interviewing can be extremely stressful and, I am not alone when I say I do not enjoy technical interviews.

Frequently Asked Questions

⏱ How long will it take to ship my sweet new koalafications newsprint?

My newsprint typically ship within one business day. If anything comes up I'll email you and let you know.

💰 How much does shipping cost?

Free for U.S. domestic orders over $50. Typically $2 - $7 for smaller domestic orders. You can check out our shipping policies here.

📦 Where does taleas ship newsprint from?

The koalafications newsprint ships from Austin, Texas.

🪃 Is there a return policy?

Absolutely! 30 days for undamaged paper goods and unworn/unwashed clothing. If the product arrives defective please email us at hello@taleas.com or give us a call at 1-833-580-0600 so we can get your issue resolved.

🤔 What if I have more questions?

Hit me up at hello@taleas.com. I design every item that I sell and am delighted to answer any questions that you have.