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#130: They Do Exist

An alien and a dragon encounter each other in a field. They both exclaim, "They do exist!"

The Story Behind They Do Exist

Illustrated by EEK.

Aliens have been a major American fascination (and mine as well) for decades now. The United States has always been drawn to the lure of the unknown, the call of the paranormal and the strange. Are there others out there? Are we alone in the universe? Are we one planet among countless others, all teeming with intelligent life? These are the sort of questions that are — for now — unanswerable and perhaps that’s what drives interest in them.

America’s love of aliens was ratcheted up to a whole new level after the Roswell incident, though. I don’t have to inform you about Roswell, something tells me you are already quite familiar with it. But, for those who came in late, Roswell, New Mexico was the site of a supposed UFO crash back in 1947. The government said it was a weather balloon that went down in the desert outside Roswell but those on the scene said it was a “flying disc” with little green men inside. Residents would later claim that government officials quickly showed up to scoop up the remains and then covered up the entire event. To this day, we still talk about Roswell and the possibilities and conspiracies around it. And - for the adventurous - I highly recommend a trip to visit Roswell, New Mexico.

My favorite Roswell conspiracy? Well, it revolves around Russian leader Josef Stalin. A few years ago, a New York Times journalist released a book that had an explosive interview with a scientist who supposedly worked at Area 51. This scientist swore up and down that the aliens and ship recovered at Roswell were not actually extraterrestrial but were in fact Russian. You see, he said that Stalin wanted to create mass hysteria in the United States (that’s easy enough, just throw a good Black Friday sale) and decided the way to do it was to play upon America’s obsession with aliens. Stalin had recently heard of the War of the Worlds incident, in which many Americans panicked when they thought aliens were really invading Earth. So Stalin had his scientists create a UFO and, unfortunately, recruit some poor souls to be physically modified to look like aliens. His hope was that the ship would crash in American and total madness would ensue. Is that what really happened? Was this just an act of international intrigue and chicanery taken to the max? The story is far-fetched and wild but be honest: it isn’t completely out of the realm of possibility. Will we ever find out what really happened out in Roswell? Hopefully. After all, the truth is out there.

Plain Text Description of They Do Exist

An alien and a dragon encounter each other in a field. They both exclaim, "They do exist!"

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