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Taleas is a cute, quirky, random and slightly weird web comic. You won't find too many recurring characters a plot or a deliberately cohesive story. Each individual comic is intended to stand on its own. Below you'll find an easy to browse archive of all of taleas' comics.

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So Dramatic

#147: So Dramatic

A smaller puffer fish is admonishing a visibly distressed, larger, and fully puffed-up puffer fish to, "Stop being so dramatic". The larger puffer fish is, in fact, reacting to an extremely large, toothy sea monster directly behind the smaller puffer fish.
You Make a Good Point

#146: You Make a Good Point

A pink eraser is chatting with a very sharp #2 pencil. The eraser says, "You do make a good point".
YouTube Surgeon

#145: YouTube Surgeon

Two doctors are operating on a patient in an operating theater. One looking at the other asks, "Doctor, where did you say you studied at?". The other surgeon responds, "YouTube."
When the Universe Ends

#144: When the Universe Ends

Two ghosts are chatting in a cemetery at night. With a concerned look, one asks, "Wait, when the universe ends...where do we go?".
My Parenting Regression

#143: My Parenting Regression

A male stick figure enters a playroom where a female stick figure and a child stick figure are playing. The male stick figure proudly proclaims, "I would like everyone to know...I just went pee in the potty!". With hands raised high, the child exclaims, "Yay Daddy!" and the female encourages, "Good job!".
Free Hugs

#142: Free Hugs

A saguaro cactus stands in the middle of the Arizona desert holding a sign, "free hugs".
Halloween 2021

#141: Halloween 2021

Night. A dilapidated three-story house sits on a hill. A crescent moon and haze hang over the house. Outside on the left are two tombstones with "Otho" and "Sherry". The Other tombstone has a bone, the Sherry is adorned with a heart. Otho and Sherry are the two dogs we've lost in the past two years. The right side of the house has a wooden outhouse. The yard is covered in weeds, and a cobblestone path leads up to the steps of the front porch. The first story has a front door with the Horror Smiley face. A skeleton peers from one window, two eyes and teeth from another. The second floor has a ghost floating by and a bloody crime scene. The attic has a green goblin looking right at you.
He Must Work Out

#140: He Must Work Out

An ant with exceptionally large mandibles stands off in the distance. Two other ants, closer, are speaking with each other. One ant says to the other, "...he must work out.".

#139: Spider

A burning car rests in the middle of a road while two stick figures look on. One stick figure exclaims, "What happened to your car!?!" to which the other stick figure who is holding a match replies, "spider".
Good Thing You Made A Backup

#138: Good Thing You Made A Backup

A server rack full of equipment sits in the middle of a room engulfed in flames. One stick figure, with hands raised, confidently exclaims, "Good thing you made a backup!". A second stick figure, with hands in pockets replies, "I did?"

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